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Annotation Management

Question asked by jpac000 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by jpac000

For work I created an Annotation Layer with groups such as:

  • Building Names
  • Natural Features
  • Sports Fields
  • Parking Lots


Now different departments are looking to change some of the annotations to suit their own purpose. The issue is that the new annotation is on the same location as the old one. For example my buildings group has 50 building names associated with it. The new department wants to add an annotation that spatially cover the annotation from one of the 50 buildings already labeled. If I turn off the building group to expose the new annotation group all the buildings are unlabeled, but if their on you can read it.


The solution that I have found so far is to create a new layer and delete the information out that I don't need. This mean though I have to manage two layers which can get tricky if more and more departments request additions to the layers.


Has anyone ran into this issue? Or have an elegant solution on how to solve this annotation management issue?