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Web App Builder - Map not Returning to Full Extent After refresh or Closing the Browser

Question asked by ipeebles on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by dafiter

I have a web app builder application that when you first load the app, the map is shown at full extent.  When I zoom into the map, then close or refresh the browser, the map stays at the extent where I zoomed.  Is this a bug?  I want the map to return to full extent if the browser is refreshed or if the browser is closed, then the app is reopened.


I don't want the user having to clear the cache each time they want to view the map.  I have also noticed that when I clear browser cache, that the map will also return to the zoomed in extent.


I checked my web map at arcgisonline and it displays at full extent.  I can zoom in and if the browser is refreshed, the map returns to full extent.


Is there something I can do within WAB itself to ensure the map returns to full extent?  I do have a home button to return to full extent, but I want the user to have a map at full extent when they open the map.


Has anyone else encountered this behavior?


Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.