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JavaScript API Beta 4.0 KML Assistance needed. -Esri Tech support says loading a KML into the map scene it is not supported in the new beta release as of yet.

Question asked by sbroussard on Feb 25, 2016

Hi everyone thanks for taking the time to read this. I have read some quality  responses on this forum so I am hopeful this will be a walk in the park for some of you. I know enough about JS to get myself in trouble so please excuse my ignorance. While this seems like such a simple task I am struggling with it.


I am trying to call a KML/KMZ to the map via a HTML checkbox (see Figure 1).  I tried to use the ESRI web app builder to try to accomplish this, but given BUG-000090601 I am still searching for another way.


For example I want to grab the file(s) from the below location.


The below sample code looks to be a simple use of html checkboxes  that could be modified to accomplish this task.


In return for help I would be willing to offer assistance with wildfire risk assessment and provide statistically supported mitigation methods to reduce the risk of fire to your personal property.


Thank you in advance for your professional assistance.


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