Adding marker on a map

Discussion created by m_sonwalkar on Nov 25, 2010
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I am trying to add a marker on my map but i am getting some warning (code highlighted) and application crashes on build

Here is code

id<AGSLayerView> graphicsLayerView = [self.mapView.mapLayerViews objectForKey:@"GraphicsLayer"];
AGSGraphicsLayer* myGraphicsLayer = (AGSGraphicsLayer*)graphicsLayerView.agsLayer;
//create a marker symbol to be used by our Graphic
AGSSimpleMarkerSymbol *myMarkerSymbol =
[AGSSimpleMarkerSymbol simpleMarkerSymbol];
myMarkerSymbol.color = [UIColor blueColor];

//Create an AGSPoint (which inherits from AGSGeometry) that
//defines where the Graphic will be drawn
AGSPoint* myMarkerPoint =
[AGSPoint pointWithX:-93.2984

//Create the Graphic, using the symbol and
//geometry created earlier
AGSGraphic* myGraphic = [AGSGraphic graphicWithGeometry:myMarkerPoint symbol:myMarkerSymbol attributes:nil infoTemplate:nil];

//Add the graphic to the Graphics layer
[myGraphicsLayer addGraphic:myGraphic];

//Tell the layer to redraw itself
[myGraphicsLayer dataChanged];

The warning: AGSGraphics may not respond to '+graphicWithGeometry:symbol:attributes:infoTemplate

Am i missing something??? Do i have to include any file/framework??