Calculating Sinuosity Properly

Discussion created by eogriffin79 on Nov 25, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Paul_B

I am creating a network dataset and one of the impedences to travel time I want to use is sinuosity or the bendyness of a road segment.

It's pretty important that this is included as roads in New Zealand go over mountainous terrain and road bendyness is a real impendence to travel time.

It is easy to calculate sinuosity by using Hawthes tools. However, sinuosity is determined by how many line segments make up a line. If only one segment makes up a line the sinuosity will always be one. This in effect means that sinuosity for some roads is understated as actually there are 5 line segments - they are just not linked together to make up a line.

What I want to create a dataset where all segments between two junctions are linked to form one line

Does anybody have any ideas how to do this, i'm struggling to think of anyway this will be possible?