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Is it possible to share a hosted feature service publicly but allow edits only for specific named users?

Question asked by xander_bakker on Feb 24, 2016
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At a client we have the following use case:


A client wants to share its offices to the public to enable them to find the nearest office and consult the address and opening hours. The offices are points stored in a hosted feature service (HFS) on ArcGIS Online and are shared to the public in a web map on the company site using an iframe.


At the same time there is a person in charge of maintaining the office locations and opening hours. The idea is to do this through a web app loading the HFS with edit capabilities. The simple app allows to add new and delete or update existing offices.


Since the data is shared publicly, anonymous users (or users outside the organization) can add the HFS to a web map and activate editing. Is there some way to share a HFS publicly, but restrict editing to specific named users only?