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Building footprints in ArcGIS

Question asked by taraprince on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by taraprince

Good afternoon everyone,

I work for a local assessors office and one of our functions is to maintain building records.  Currently we have a software company that we use, but we are considering moving our data into ArcGIS.  The goal would be to be able to maintain the building data in ArcGIS, preferably on a tablet out in the field.  I was wondering if anyone out there is already using ArcGIS to maintain their building footprints?  Are there any pro's or con's you wish you had know about ahead of time?  Do you have a CAMA system that you can integrate your building data with?  We are just looking for information on how other people are doing it or if its not feasible.  Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.  I'll be glad to answer any additional questions if it helps you figure out what we are up to. 


Thanks a bunch,