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Problems with creating feature class from xy table

Question asked by Palebot on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

I can't recall ever having trouble creating feature classes from xy tables. Usually, I have a table in excel and I save it as either csv or txt and follow the steps in ArcCatalog. I have a bunch of x,y,z data points I recently converted from an arbitrary grid to UTM. Looks fine in some programs like Global Mapper, but I'm having a **** of a time in ArcGIS/Catalog. When it works, only about 4 points show up (when there are almost 2000). Also, most of the time arccatalog is not reading the z value and giving me this option in the dropdown. Sometimes it does and then when I try again it doesnt. I checked the properties and the z values are set either as text or long integer, where as x and y as double. I can't seem to change the data types, though. I basically just want a shapefile with points with the x, y, and z data. Any suggestions? I've tried formatting cells in excel to numbers before saving as a csv or txt with no change. However, whenever I do try to open the file as an excel worksheet rather than the csv or txt I get an error saying something like, can't connect with data base, etc.


Suggestions? I've never encountered this issue before.