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Time Enabled Data Questions

Question asked by David_Jacobs on Feb 19, 2016

Hi all,

I was able to resolve some of the flickering from my previous post. However, I am curious if anyone has ever done a time enabled map before and then embedded it into a map journal. I've begun the process and successfully embedded it. However, what is odd is that even in the stand alone time aware app, based on the time enabled web map layers, the displayed intervals don't show up until the 3rd stop time series.


However and perhaps more oddly, after all the views have cycled through, one scroll the time slider backword and then view all the layers. Am I missing a setting? I've gone into the adjustments, in the map viewer, to start the time series with the first map and end with the last in the series. I would have thought that would have resolved the issue.   I can start the time series earlier but it would display a blank basemap for the first period and it seems weird to do that.


Any ideas.