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Linking data from ASCII to Raster

Question asked by slacey472 on Feb 18, 2016
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Trying to open a map document on another computer I get the red ! error of the data not being linked correctly. I have repathed most of the data back which is fine, however I have hit a problem trying to repath a large amount of temperature data. In the ArcMap file originally data was added by conversion of ASCII to Raster. However when I try to 'Repair data source', I can map back to the original ASCII file, however this wont work as it is looking for a Raster.


Is there anyway of mapping back and converting all in one step? As going back and adding each ASCII as a Raster individually will take a very, very long time.


Thank you in advance, and I hope i've made it as clear as possible to understand what i'm struggling with.