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Using "snap pour point" to find a point of accumulation within an specified area

Question asked by smsarkar on Feb 18, 2016

I am trying to find everything downhill of a certain point in order to create a watershed of a specific area. .


For example, say I have a point at (x,y), and I'm interested in creating a watershed that is 50 km^2 starting from this point.


One method that I have used of achieving this is placing random pour points downstream and using the watershed analysis tool to create watersheds from (x,y) to the new pour points until I find a point that gives me a watershed of 50 km^2.


Since I need to do this process ~250 times, I'm greatly interested in finding a more efficient method. One idea is using the "snap pour point" tool from the original (x,y) point to find another point that has the highest accumulation within 50 km^2. Unfortunately, the snap distance given in ArcGis is (I assumed) a radius.


Does anyone have any hints that might help me achieve what I'm trying to do?