ArcGIS 10.2.1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Utilities and Telecom Update 5 Patch - Now Available!!!!!

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The ArcGIS 10.2.1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Utilities and Telecom Update 5 Patch is now available for download!


ArcGIS 10.2.1 for (Desktop, Engine, Server) Utilities and Telecom Update 5 Patch | Samples and Utilities


Issues Addressed (including all previous Utility and Telecom Updates):


  • BUG-000091718 - Improve selectivity and performance of DB_table_list_tables queries.
  • BUG-000091460 - Add code to Sql Server to support insert + delete + sync case.
  • BUG-000091247 - 'Underlying DBMS error ORA-01008: Not all variables bound' error observed while using Select By Attribute on a Non-Versioned Archiving enabled feature class.
  • BUG-000091883 - Syncing in some cases where inserts are applied as updates causes incorrect / duplicate globalids to be set.
  • BUG-000091688 - Need to add brackets to the whereclause in sqlFilter for reduction rules to have the correct filter and avoid processing filters when no features of the feature class are selected.
  • BUG-000091464 - Syncing a 1 way replica fails when the child has a GN and inconsistent connectivity.
  • BUG-000090884 - Errors related to the GDB_TEMP_USER_IDS table, created as an optimization to the Geometric Network Rebuild/Repair operations need to be suppressed.
  • BUG-000089740 - The error, "Network I/O error [SDE.DEFAULT]", is returned when opening a MXD file after applying the Utility Update Patch 2 (UTUP2) with default connection set up via an add-in extension.
  • BUG-000089580 - Slow performance for the Synchronize Changes gp tool (via Python as well) comparing to the Synchronize Changes Wizard from GUI.
  • BUG-000089100 - Synchronizing one particular replica fails with the following error, "synchronize replica failed".
  • BUG-000088300 - Enabling schema cache on a SQL server SDE workspace crashes ArcMap.
  • BUG-000087750 - Squares appear in the annotation in an exported PDF if Unicode symbols are used with Arial font.
  • BUG-000087594 - Service start up time increases the more feature classes exist in an Oracle database and the service is serving data from the Oracle database in ArcGIS 10.3 for Server.
  • BUG-000087277 - An annotation feature class fails to update correctly if the feature class is joined to a table or another feature class.
  • BUG-000084769 - The initial and full extent information of the feature service endpoint differs from the map service endpoint in a multi-machine site.
  • BUG-000083703 - When exporting data changes for a replica from a disconnected editing session, all the changes from the related tables are not exported to the delta geodatabase.
  • NIM103075 - Inefficient spatial query encountered when using the Annotate Selected. Features command on versioned SDO_GEOMETRY, ST_Geometry and Sql Server Geometry feature classes.
  • NIM101171 - ArcCatalog crashes, when the Identity tool is used on a Web Map Service (WMS) in ArcCatalog preview.
  • NIM100525 - Identifying a specific Web Map Service (WMS) causes ArcMap to crash.
  • NIM097058 - The 'Simplification Tolerance' option disappears from the Simplify Line and Simplify Polygon geoprocessing tools after installing Internet Explorer (IE) 11.
  • NIM084109 - Deleting a feature class from a large SDE/Oracle database (contains more than 3000 feature classes) causes one SQL query being executed and fetched thousands of times which leads to a slow performance issue.


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