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Calculating sequential numbers after text for point layer

Question asked by RioTintoCoal on Feb 15, 2016
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Hello, I am hoping somebody is able to help me.


I manage several point feature classes that relate to heritage sites in NSW. Each of these sites is also attributed a state identifying number as they are registered with the government. I am hoping to simplify the editing process by running a field calculation.


The feature class contains a UNIQUE_ID (type: double) attribute, as well as a LEASE (Type: string) attribute, and these two values together comprise the same information reflected in the third attribute, called SITE_NAME, which represents the state registered site name. For example:






I would have thought it'd be simple to generate a field calculator for SITE_NAME by combining UNIQUE_ID and LEASE:






and this would eliminate the need to generate code to add numbers on to each entry etc., as the site name number directly reflects the UNIQUE_ID.


However I have run multiple calculations with different inputs and each time it fails. Can anybody suggest what I am doing wrong? I am absolutely terrible at using Python so I was hoping I could use VBScript for this, but I'll take what I can get.