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Time Enabling Layers

Question asked by David_Jacobs on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by David_Jacobs

Hi All,

I am wondering if I'm missing something in the process here.  I'll explain my overarching goal and then share the resources I've done. This may take on a few different directions to do just right. But, I'll start with the most obvious/frustrating one and then expand later into the other parts of my project.


So, I'm trying to make within ArcGIS Online, a time enabled map that shows a response over time to climatic change in a very simple way. Basically the same base layer will have a few polygons that change from green to yellow at different time periods.


What I can say is that It worked in desktop by simply time enabling the data layers and symbolizing accordingly.  However, I've tried moving this into ArcGIS online as a feature service, geodatabase and even the shape files and yet cannot find any indication of a where to go time enabled layer. When I look at this documentation found here Configure time settings—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS  I have no option like it indicates to enable time settings. Why would this be? Are there other steps I'm missing?  The picture attached shows my only options.


We have an organizational account and I'm the administrator so all publishing privileges should be there.  Do I actually have to publish the layers some how before the settings are  able to be enabled?


Any help is welcome!