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Create terrain heightmap

Question asked by saulen_grvlsc on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by MicahShane

I'm trying to troubleshoot a workflow where I export scenes from CE into Lumenrt and the terrain becomes "sculptable" in Lumenrt.  As it stands now, I can get the "sculptable" terrain into Lumenrt but it's not keeping any of its heightmap attributes.  It just remains flat.  Here is the response I received from Lumenrt support:


Hi Scott,

Thanks for the files.

The 32-bit TIFF format is indeed not supported.

As for your 16-bit TIFF image, I noticed that all values are very close: it only uses a very small part of the full 16-bit range (0 to 65535).
Actually, for maximum precision, LumenRT expects the heightmap to use the full range of values, i.e. the lowest part of your terrain should have value 0, and the highest part should have value 65535, independently of the real-world altitudes. The real-world altitude range is specified separately.

For example, if the real altitudes of your terrain are between 3 meters (lowest altitude) and 15m (highest altitude), then the heightmap image should be filled so that points with altitude 3m have value 0 (full black) and points with altitude 15m have value 65535 (full white). And aside from the heightmap, CityEngine should tell LumenRT that value 0 corresponds to 3m and value 65535 corresponds to 15m, so that LumenRT can build the terrain with correct real-world altitudes.

So maybe you can adjust the CityEngine settings so that it better corresponds to what LumenRT expects.



Any suggestions?