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How to get distance and azimuth between points with qml?

Question asked by tdobrzin79 on Feb 8, 2016
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I am totally new in developing apps with the AppStudio and qml, so hopefully the questionis not too easy.


I want to calculate the distance and the azimuth (bearing) from my current (gps)-position to a point on the map.


What i already did:


I added a positionDisplay to my map.


positionDisplay {

                       compass: Compass {
                           id: compass
                           active: true
                           // Create a variable to hold azimuth
                           property double azimuth: 0
                           // Change sensor axis depending on 'userOrientation' property
                           axesOrientationMode: Compass.UserOrientation
                           onReadingChanged: {
                               // Called when a new compass reading is available
                               compass.azimuth = reading.azimuth;

                              //Or better Call it when Reading is available?
                              //geoResult = locationPoint.geodesicDistance(toPoint);
                       positionSource: PositionSource {
                           id: positionSource
                           active: true
                           onPositionChanged: {
                               locationPoint.valid = position.longitudeValid && position.latitudeValid
                               locationPoint.x = position.coordinate.longitude;
                               locationPoint.y = position.coordinate.latitude;
                               geoResult = locationPoint.geodesicDistance(toPoint);

The points are set like this

   property Point locationPoint : Point {

                property bool valid : false
                spatialReference: SpatialReference {
                    wkid: 4326
            property Location toPoint :Location{
                coordinate {
                    latitude: 55.314835
                    longitude: 8.458156

I thought I could use the GeodesicDistanceResult to get distance and azimuth, but it didn't worked.



like in my "onPositionChanged"

geoResult = locationPoint.geodesicDistance(toPoint)

so what's wrong or how do i have to use it?

Thanks in advance!