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Add layer to new map with full editing control - The problem

Question asked by alnesbit on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by knoxgis

Hello all,


So I'm trying to do something similar to the problem in this post "Restrict editing to authorized users while leaving the map viewable to the public"


So if you have hosted feature layers that are editable your web map and App are SLOW. So I want to have my hosted feature layers not editable because it makes the map a million times faster BUT I still need to have 2-3 admins be able to edit the data. See this info:


From link above: "If your data has more than 1,000 features, publish it as a hosted feature layer and make sure editing is disabled. When editing is enabled, the browser makes larger requests to include full geometry of the hosted feature layer, which makes the layer slower to draw. The layer owner, organization administrators, and members of groups with item update capability that you've shared the layer to can open the hosted feature layer with editing enabled without having to enable editing for everyone else."


All true: I tested this with editable and non-editable hosted feature layers, same data, and the speed difference is significant.


Here's the problem, the only way that administrators and members of the editing group can edit a hosted feature layer that is non-editable is to "Add layer to new map with full editing control". The admin can't save the web map and go back to it. The admin can't make a web App from Web AppBuilder and be able to edit the data. This is a huge problem and just blew my work-around (to speed up the web map and App) out of the water.


This surely can't be by this an oversight? Esri? Can we request this functionality? I'm off to the Ideas site to check and/or post...