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Which layer type should be used in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android app

Question asked by IYTE-ARCHITECTURE on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by IYTE-ARCHITECTURE

Dear All,


I'm developing an Android Application using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android app but I'm getting

confused about which layer type should be used. One of my colleagues suggested me I should

use a webmap in developing an Android Application. Does it always have to be a webmap or

can I simply use a feature layer? I would appreciate if you could kindly share your experiences

and suggestions or a resource on this issue. Please note that all layers are hosted in our

ArcGIS Online organizational account.


My second question is that, how I can filter layers in android app.  Typically, there are a number of

layers in a webmap and what  I would like to do is filter the layers so that only selected layers are

displayed. So far, the only workaround I find is to go back and select another webmap

which makes the application not easy to use.  Thank you for your help in advance.


Have a great weekend...