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Cannot create route from one point to another ArcGIS Android

Question asked by linuxholic on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by linuxholic

I've been trying very hard to create a route between two points(startPoint, endPoint). But i am getting the following error:

Location "Location 1" in "Stops" is unlocated. Location "Location 2" in "Stops" is unlocated. Need at least 2 valid stops. "Stops" does not contain valid input for any route.

My code can be found in this link:


I've searched the internet. Many developers were/are facing this problem. I've tried all the solutions but none of them worked. I got routeTaskURL from the ArcGIS Routing Sample app. The link which is given in the documentation of ArcGIS maps gives me the 403 error if i open it in the browser.

Note: "token" and "clientID" is declared in the first step and they both are taken from the ArcGIS developers console where i registered my application.


Any Suggestions?