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Geocoding Script failing for Data on sde

Question asked by tselvidge on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by tselvidge

I know this is a topic that has come up multiple times but I have gone through all the previous discussions and my geocoding is still failing. My script is from a modelbuilder I exported as python. I am using a composite geolocator with files that are updated daily. My table is from sql and is updated every 30 minutes.


I am using Arc 10.3.1, Python 2.7


Here is what I have already tried:

I have formatted my addresses to contain the exact address.

I have included overwrite = true.

I have changed SingleKey to Single Line Input and then just removed it completely.

I have changed the double quotes on Static to single quotes.


# Import arcpy module

import arcpy


#Overwrite pre-existing files
arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True
# Local variables:
ArcDev_dbo_OIDTest_sites_2015i_2016_new = "C:\\Users\\tselvidge\\AppData\\Roaming\\ESRI\\Desktop10.3\\ArcCatalog\\arcdev@srvarcdev.sde\\ArcDev.dbo.OIDTest_sites_2015i_2016_new"
GISOWNER_ParcelAddrFacet_geo__2_ = "C:\\Users\\tselvidge\\AppData\\Roaming\\ESRI\\Desktop10.3\\ArcCatalog\\arcdev@srvarcdev.sde\\ArcDEV.GISOWNER.ParcelAddrFacet_geo"
ArcDev_GISOWNER_GeoRecs_New = "C:\\Users\\tselvidge\\AppData\\Roaming\\ESRI\\Desktop10.3\\ArcCatalog\\arcdev@srvarcdev.sde\\ArcDev.GISOWNER.Sharept_symbolized\\ArcDev.GISOWNER.GeoRecs_New"

ArcDev_GISOWNER_GeoRecs_New__3_ = ArcDev_GISOWNER_GeoRecs_New
ArcDev_GISOWNER_GeoRecs_New__4_ = ArcDev_GISOWNER_GeoRecs_New__3_


# Process: Geocode Addresses
arcpy.GeocodeAddresses_geocoding(ArcDev_dbo_OIDTest_sites_2015i_2016_new, GISOWNER_ParcelAddrFacet_geo__2_, "'Single Line Input' AcctNo VISIBLE NONE;HCAD_NUM AcctNo VISIBLE NONE;Street Street VISIBLE NONE;City City VISIBLE NONE;State <None> VISIBLE NONE;ZIP ZIP VISIBLE NONE;QFNAME FileMapFacet VISIBLE NONE", ArcDev_GISOWNER_GeoRecs_New, 'STATIC')