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GeodatabaseFeatureTable.UpdatedFeaturesCount takes 9 seconds

Question asked by jsiemens on Jan 28, 2016

I have a replica geodatabase with a single layer. The layer is tax parcels, and it has 2.3 million records. The geodatabase file is about 2 GB.


We would like to display the number of added, deleted, and updated features to our users.


I am finding that obtaining the number of deleted and updated features counts is exceptionally slow. I used a Stopwatch to time how long these operations take. The times are as follows on the tax parcels layer:


Operation 'Added features count: ' took 7 ms.

Operation 'Deleted features count: ' took 5,952 ms.

Operation 'Updated features count: ' took 9,021 ms.


Note that obtaining the added features count is pretty quick.


With smaller layers, the performance is fine, and so the time taken seems to be O(N) with the number of records in the layer


Also, FYI, since these are properties, the Visual Studio debugger loads the properties as soon as you inspect it, and of course it times out, and then the debugger becomes unhappy.