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Change the reverse geocoding for composite geocoder

Question asked by JunchengZ on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by dp3lw

I have a geocoding service that capable to do reverse geocoding. the source locator is a composite locator which consist of 4 locators to work for postal code to return polygon, address locator return address and city locator to return a city point etc. now when it receives x and y value for reverse geocoding, application is supposed to use address locator first and try to search for a specific address, but now is just always use postal code locator and return a postal code string.


I wonder anyone knows how to change the settings to use address locator first if there is a specific address available to return, if  the point does not fall into a urban area and no specific address available then use postal code locator and returns a postal code in this case?


Can anyone help?


I appreciate any replies.