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Secure Webmaps & Apps

Question asked by brassier on Jan 25, 2016
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We have a desire to create a custom JS application that consumes a secure WebMap (not publicly available).  This same JS app would be deployed to multiple customers, each pointing at their own secure WebMap.


My question is, is there any benefit (or requirement) to create an "app"?  I'm guessing we could prompt the user for their AGOL credentials, get a token, and then allow access to this WebMap via the token.  So there likely isn't a need for an "app" in this workflow, correct?


When looking at the possibility of using an "app", would that just allow us to register our JS app's URL as a place that users could share their AGOL contents with?  Is that really any different then us asking them to log in, and then using their token to gain access to their AGOL contents?


<Bonus Points:> When looking into adding an App for this, the "purpose" field isn't very clear.  Selecting "ready to use", "configurable", "self-configurable" or "code sample" just adds more questions for me in regard to if an app is needed.  Is there anywhere that explains the purpose of these options in more than just 1 sentence?