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Hosted Feature Layer - delete one of the layers within it?

Question asked by alnesbit on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by MMaloney_golder

Hello all,


I have a hosted feature layer that has 16 layers within it. I want to delete the first layer but I would like to avoid having to delete the whole service and republishing from ArcMap because this layer is live and there are edits being made on it. I would have to download the data in fgb and then repath that data in my ArcMap mxd and then republish. Then I would probably have to recreate the web map and the web app because I have had problems in the past of my existing web maps and apps reading any changes to my feature layers.


What about this blog and PDF referenced in blog?

PDF referenced in blog:


In the service URL of the layer I want to delete I see, "Delete from Definition". But does that just delete a few fields in that layer and not the layer itself?


delete from definition.JPG

Does anyone have any ideas?


Thank you.