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Add Shapefile widget

Question asked by dllamasgmtgis-esridist Employee on Jan 20, 2016
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I am using the "add Shapefile Widget" that someone here helped to create. Now that I am using it and checking the behavior I notice that the polygons that compose the shapefile, after adding it to WAB app the polygons do not respect the original forms, they have a distotion very significant.

First I thought it was because AGOL use Web Mercator Coordinates system. Here in Puerto Rico we use Nad83 Projected Coordinate system So I  added on parcel example in Nad83 and I notice the distortion, after that I added the same chunk of parcels projected to Web Mercator and I had the exact same distortion in the same parcels.

Add Shapefile2.PNG

Add Shapefile.PNG

My question is, Do you know why could it be happening? dos anybody knows is someone notice the same behavior? is there a new version of this widget for WAB 1.3? how could i solve this problem? this problem also happend in WAB 1.2




Diego Llamas