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Split field on first number

Question asked by Dcamrine on Jan 14, 2016
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I have a similar situation...


For Example:

s ="POWERS 1C-23HZ"

and some are like s2 = RATTLER4C-34HZ


I would like to tell python to find the first number in each field and then split the field at the same location at the first number. so....

Field 1 = RATTLER

Field 2 = 4C-34HZ


derived from the string above: s2

I would like to use the field calculator to do this.



I know you can use this to split on the space:

!field! = s.split(' ')[0]


I did this in the field calculator expression box and it works but only on the strings with a space where I need to break it.


Any help is much appreciated!

Dan A.


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