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Is is possible to save user searches in the eSearch tool?

Question asked by mhylden on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by mhylden

I've started using the eSearch tool written by Robert Scheitlin in place of the OOB Web AppBuilder query tool, and it works great.  The mouse has now been given a cookie, however, so our users want more...


Is is possible to save particular searches for users, which could then possibly be made accessible to groups of users?  I can imagine how this might be done using the configuration window of the app, but obviously I don't want to allow users into the full app config role.  I'm thinking that the user would need a way to save the query with data as its own JSON (like the app level config does) but then just reload that for particular users. 


If it's been done before I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, but I haven't found an examples of this particular case in my searches.


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