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Basics - Using a geodatabase feature class

Question asked by jcmlpt on Jan 16, 2016
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It's the first time using a Python script - so far I just used some statements in the field calculator - and my coding background is small and distant.


I'm using and fiddling a script I saw in another forums but I always get "Parsing error SyntaxError: invalid syntax (line x)" when I add the files I'll use in the script.


I've tried all I read in the tutorials I did and things I googled:


points = “D:\\OneDrive\\Documents\\Tese\\TrabalhoPratico\\Final\\01.gdb\\Lisbon_3D\\Points10”

points = “D:/OneDrive/Documents/Tese/TrabalhoPratico/Final/01.gdb/Lisbon_3D/Points10”

points = open(“D:/OneDrive/Documents/Tese/TrabalhoPratico/Final/01.gdb/Lisbon_3D/Points10”, "w")


I know this is probably really simple... but I'm not getting it with my (it seems) limited google fu.