Search Widget- Web App Builder not responding

Discussion created by Yasnaia36 on Jan 13, 2016

I’ve created an application through the Web AppBuilder, ArcGis online.

The map being displayed in the application has a service (WMS), and this service contains a feature class with a join to a SQL table/database.

I am having trouble to make the “Search Widget” in the Web AppBuilder  work properly.

My intent is to perform a query on the layer/feature class that has a join to the SQL table/database through the “Search Widget”. But it is not working, no matter which field I choose; if the field is in the SQL table or if it is in the feature class none seems to respond.

I have

ArcGis 3.1, Windows 7,  Google Chrome, GIS servers, Database Servers, ArcGis online


Any  suggestion?

Thank you