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Raster file missing spatial reference information

Question asked by shmcewen on Jan 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by shmcewen

Hi all,

Please bear with me, I'm relearning ArcMap after using mapinfo exclusively for the last two years.


I'm trying to work with a raster data set (attached in zip file) sourced from the USGS and having issues working with it as it is missing it's spatial reference information. The raster's metadata includes the following information:

  • Map Projection Name: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area
    • longitude of projection center: -100.000000
    • latitude of projection center: 45.000000
    • false easting: 0.000000
    • false northing: 0.000000
  • Planar Coordinate Encoding Method: row and column
    • coordinate representation:
      • abscissa resolution: 1000.000000
      • ordinate resolution: 1000.000000
    • planar distance units: meters
  • geodetic model:
    • horizontal datum name: D Shpere ARC INFO
    • ellipsoid name: Sphere ARC INFO
    • semi major axis: 6370997.000000
    • denominator of flattering ration: infinity

I've attempted to manually input the projection centers when setting the raster spacial reference but don't see any change when it runs. I've also attempted to find a complementary projection as Arc only has a polar Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area which does not work in this circumstance.


I've also tried uploading a vector layer (basic US states layer, WGS 1984) with known spatial reference before uploading the raster. That also has no effect on the raster.


Does anyone have any ideas or could help me out?