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Geocoding Address Prefix/Suffix elements

Question asked by dewright_ca on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by sbritt-esristaff

This is a question going out to the ESRI (Agatha & Bruce) folks; with 10.3+ you guys have gotten sub-units coming along fairly well. But have you looked at handling address prefix and suffix elements?


Cases like this:

  • 4525 1/2 S 280TH ST
  • A652 N Placer Way SW
  • 265B E 128th Street Unit 1


These are instances that are not with the USPS address format; or even the FGDC; but do reflect real-world locations across the US. They do not get handled the same way as the USPS putting them in sub-units since we have instances where these actual can be a split parcel with a sub-unit assigned as well.