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how to duplicate data driven layer so I can see all polys alongside DD polys

Question asked by chrisjcantire on Jan 7, 2016
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hi all, thanks for reading...


new to this data driven pages business; if I use the wrong terminology etc just read b/t the lines as best you can...


I have set up DD pages in arcgis 10 and had success, cycling through 34 polygon extents from a 5401 polygon layer after joining a 34 row excel file to it.  that's good.  but, now I also want to show all 5401 polys from the original file underneath the 34 that have been data driven (in a different symbology).  when I copy the DD pages layer (the 5401 down to 34 courtesy of 34-row .xlsx) and detach the excel file from the join, sure enough I can get 5401 rows in that table, but, I can't see any of them on the map?  they are selectable and zoom-to-able (flash green but then gone).  I suspect that the DD pages being enabled is limiting me (maybe, not guaranteed), but, if I disable the DD pages in its toolbar, my original set of DD pages (the 34, which I want) is lost because both the original DD pages layer AND the duplicate I made to un-join have the same name - what can one do?


not sure I've explained that perfectly but I appreciate any input...thanks!