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Development Environment for ArcGIS WebApp Builder

Question asked by s.junggeosecure-de-esridist Employee on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by Federer

What Developent Environment are you using for developing Custom Widgets? Especially to be able to develop the Settings part as well.


Currently I'am trying to figure out how good it works with Visual Studio 2012 to have the benefit of debugging.


If i only have to develop one Widget the best way for me was to create an application and add some Basic Widets and download it. Then i've created a WebProject with Visual Studio based on the application. Within the Application i've created a new Widget and added the Widget to the config.json. This worked pretty well for developing and debuging the Widget itself, but it got more complicated when trying to work on the Settings-Part. Therefor i created a new "dummy-widget" for development and copied it to the settings folder of the original widget (+ renaming Widget.* => Settings.*). To really test the settings i need to copy the widget to the web-appbuilder directoy and edit the application.


If i imagine to develop 10+ widgets with a team and the widgets also needs to comunitate with each other, this might not gona work this way.


Are there any other good Ideas? How are you develop custom widgets?