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Slow and other Problems with Web App - Hosted feature layers

Question asked by alnesbit on Jan 5, 2016
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Hello all,


I am trying to use Esri out of the box ArcGIS Online Web App builder with hosted feature layers. Trying is the key word there...


1) It is SLOW. What is the issue here? Hosted feature layers? Cloud is super slow? Does anyone have a web site link they could share that is using hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Online in a Web App that I could compare to ours? It just doesn't make sense that it is this slow. Especially when trying to view the records in the attribute table. My users won't buy this product!


Edit: Esri support suggested it was our network performance trying to reach the cloud to get the data...And they also said that was outside their area of support so I should check with our IT company...I love that answer from Esri. Sorry Esri, If you have a cloud and you are encouraging customers to put their data on your cloud and create apps, it is now in your area of support when that cloud and website are slow. I would like to try that answer with my clients though.


2) Labels disappear when you click the edit widget. This is not acceptable as our users need to read the labels to put the info in the new point they just created. I have tech support researching to see if this is a documented bug. Edit: tech support says it is a documented announcement and it is assigned.


3) Edit widget: Reshape tool doesn't work - Tech support said this is a known bug. Edit: no bug, just a tool meant for polygons only, not lines.


4) Undo button doesn't work most of the time.


Related Collector App, same map:

1) The data doesn't all load - have to scroll and pan to get the remaining data to appear.  Sometimes, doesn't load at all.


2) No Labels in Collector app- I think this is a known limitation? Edit: known limitation. Looking into creating a map cache that has labels.


Feel free to ignore the Collector App questions since this is the Web App forum...I can repost in a different location for those.


Appreciate any ideas and feedback...




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A few more edits to above:

1) I didn't know you could have the default for Web AppBuilder be that all attribute tables are closed. I had left the default so they were all trying to load at the same time. Just configure the Attribute Table widget and uncheck all of the tables. Then they won't show by default.


3) Correction again - reshape tool does work for polygons but could not reshape multiple polygons with the same sketch. Have now created ENH-000093404: The Web AppBuilder Re-shape tool should reshape multiple polygons with the same sketch.


4) Undo button: bug. BUG-000086165: The Undo method performs inconsistently with the Cut and Reshape tools in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.


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