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Downloaded Story Map Tour Won't Load

Question asked by kwikstrom on Dec 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by kwikstrom

It seems that others have posted here of similar issues: downloading the Story Map Tour template, updating the webmapid and experiencing the map tour getting stuck "loading" in the web browser. Unfortunately, none of the articles or answers I've found so far have been able to help.


I created a Story Map Tour in ArcGIS Online, and in the builder I created the point locations and uploaded images/thumbnails, added descriptions etc. This created the web map for me. I downloaded the Story Map Tour template and updated the webmapid in the index.html file with the web map's id but the Story Map Tour will not move beyond the loading screen. I checked for errors here (My Stories | Story Maps ) but there are no errors.


This is the web map:

This is the URL to the downloaded Story Map Tour we are hosting:


I certainly appreciate any help that can be offered. It will be really nice to take our story even further! Thanks much, and Happy New Year!