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10.2.6 Gray background for WPF control.

Question asked by on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by philjcollier

I'm using runtime 10.2.6 in WPF on a VM (using VMware workstation 10.0.3) and all I get is a gray background.  I appears as if this may be an old bug: 10.2.6 Gray Map but I need to know if there is a patch for this already or if this is going to be fixed at some point.  10.2.5 works just fine.


I just tested this on hardware, Intel 925 integrated graphics cars with 256MB ram, direct X 11 and shader 2 support and I'm getting the same result.  Since there is no way to turn off 3D support in your control this is a deal breaker for us.  Is there a update planed for this or not?  This is a huge issue in your SDK.