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Extracting data within polygon shapefile

Question asked by rlperkins on Dec 28, 2015
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I am trying to determine the percentage of each type of land use within delineated sub-basins. The land use data is in a shape file and the land use types are coded 1-15 and the sub-basins are in a polygon shape file. Is there a way to determine this? I have tried merge, union, join, relate. tabulate area under the zonal spatial analyst tools, etc. The most promising appeared to be the tabulate area tool, but the areas that come out are in unrecognizable units so it is difficult to back check for accuracy.



I would like to have a end result that shows something like:

Area ID     Total Area (ac)    LU1 (ac)     LU2 (ac)     LU3 (ac)     etc.


Area 1        3.25                      0.27             1.64           0.11

Area 2        1.52                      0.33             0.57           0.29

Area 3        5.87                      0.98             1.64           2.00




Thanks in advance for your help!