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When location data is missing in CSV file

Question asked by EninnaLuli on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by rastrauch

I have a CSV file with points and their location (in longitude and latitude).

I notice that some longitude and latitude cells have -99 or -999. I am guessing they are null values?

I made it into a shapefile but the location is way off because ArcGIS is still reading these -99 and -999 values.

If I replace these values with <NULL> in the CSV file, would the location of the other values (which are correct) be showing in the right place on the map?


I don't want to delete the records that have these -99 and -999 values although I realize that when a point shapefile is made there is a point (thus, a location) for every record.


I think maybe I could just keep the original CSV file with the -99 and -999 values, make a copy of it, delete these records and make a shapefile out of it (though I have to double check with the person who is also working with me).


Is there another solution though?