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Builder and stemapp. Custom widget workflows.

Question asked by lorenmueller on Dec 21, 2015
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I am using WAB Dev Ed 1.3 on Windows 8.1, node v4.2.3


Why does the Builder not allow the user to save changes to the stem app? Like if I want the stemapp to use a different map? I am able to view the stem app in the Builder at .../webappbuilder/?id=stemapp, but all of the save options are disabled. Is this by design?

{note: adding my own 'map' section to the stemapp config file did the trick, but why not allow this change in Builder?}


I would think the stem app would be the best place to work on custom widgets (not the setup and config processing perhaps, but the look/feel/functionality though) before spinning off apps with the new widget.


I suppose this begs the larger question... what are the workflows for development of custom widgets that folks are finding? It seems to me to that to stay sane with code management there should be a master copy of the widget that I am working on, say in client\stemapp\widgets\MyWidget\. But without changing the stemapp map I need to add the widget to an app that has access to the map and operational layers I am targeting to really use it. And adding it to an app forces it through its setup and config cycle which, if that is not what I am working on, is a bit annoying to go through. Is that what others are doing?




1. Why, by design, can't I make changes via Builder to the stem app?

2. What development work flows are working best for you?