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Automating a report for client

Question asked by cookeville on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by wwmiller68

I am looking for a solution to automate a process for a client, so that all they have to do is type in the report number and it will generate a PDF report for them to print.  So far I have the model built so all they have to do is type in the report number and it will select that feature and export it out to a table. My issue is how to get this into a form. I love using access forms to do this on other projects but I am open to any and all solutions. I am trying to get more and more of them to use GIS instead of excel to document and analyse their datasets. If I can cross this hurdle it would help out a ton in winning them over.


Work flow steps.

- User Clicks tool

-Tool promps user to type in the incident number

-Tool selects the specific incident and exports it

-import this single feature into some program to generate a custom report (That I configure before hand)

-Generate a printable single page pdf report.


This is the box they get when first clicking on the report

2015-12-11 10_54_47-TEST_ACCIDENT_REPORTING.png



This is what I have so far

2015-12-11 10_52_19-TEST_ACCIDENT_REPORTING.png


2015-12-11 10_52_51-TEST_ACCIDENT_REPORTING.png