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Local cached services not displaying below a scale of 1128 in AGOL web map.

Question asked by MichaelSemenek on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage

Several issues:

  1. When you first create a cached map service using the “ArcGIS Online / Bing Maps / Google Maps” tiling scheme.  There is not an option to set the scale below 1128.497176. We are using version 10.3 - No patch available so far on ESRI’s web site.
  2. Any local cached services using this tiling scheme will not display in a web map below a max level of 1128.
  3. In ArcGIS Server - Altering the tiling scheme “Maximum Scale” on an existing cached service has no effect on displaying the cached service at a lower scale (Example: I set the max scale to 1:71). The cached service will not display and still disappears from the AGOL web map when you zoom in below a scale of 1128.


My only option was to add a new cache scale of 564.248588 using the “ArcToolbox” tool called “Manage Map Server Cache Scales”. Then use the “Manage Maps Server Cache Tiles” tool and recreate empty tiles for the new cache scale of 564.248588.


I ran a test: I created a cached service using our high school district boundaries with the new cache scale of 564.248588. It works... I can view the cache below a scale of 1128 to the new scale of 564. However it still disappears if you zoom in even closer to a scale of 1:71.


Scales levels taken from World_Imagery (MapServer) Level ID's.


Another Issue: I created a new cache level of 564 for our counties contour data. It has been running for almost 20 hours. I just viewed the tile cache status and its 79.8% done – Tile generation is still in progress.  If I have to update all our cached services, this is going to take a long time to finish and take up a lot of additional storage space. And I still cannot view the cache below 564. This data must be cached.. To much data to be displayed as just a map service (Non-cached).


Unfortunately using the “Set visibility range” option in an AGOL web map has no effect on displaying an existing cached service at a lower scale. It resets back to the Max scale of 1128. 


Has anyone figured out a workaround?  Thanks.