Problem setting mouse cursor (Add-In Tool for ArcMap)

Discussion created by tteaf on Nov 19, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by rwelikal
I have created an add-in tool for ArcMap that returns information for wherever the user clicks on the map.  Right now, the mouse cursor is the default pointer.  I would like to change this cursor to a crosshair symbol.

Remember, this is an add-in tool for ArcMap.  I created the tool in Visual Studio 2008 using VB.NET.

I have updated the config.esriaddinx file to include a cursor.  Here is part of my config file where I define the image that shows up on the tool/button and where I specify the cursor:

image="Images\LatLonTool_v6_0.png" cursor="Images\LatLonTool_v6_0.cur" />

When I debug the program and test the tool in ArcMap, the cursor does not change to a crosshair.  I also tested the tool in a new ArcMap project, but with the same result.

Is there something else I need to do?