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Python compiled file(.pyc) run issue in ArcGIS 10.0, 10.2, 10.3

Question asked by monir_mostafizur1 on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by LukeW

I have developed an arcgis 10.0 based addin with .NET technologies. I have run python script from my .NET code. In acrgis 10.0 , python script compiled with python version 2.6. I have also another 2 machines where arcGIS 10.2 and  acrgis 10.3 installed. These 2 machines have python version 2.7.  If I build my code in each machine and run tool in arcGIS, then all functions are OK. But the problem is :


# If I build my code and compiled with python version 2.6 , it does not work in arcgis version 10.2,103 (>10.0). It gives a run time error: >>Runtime Error: bad magic number in .pyc files.<<


How to resolved this problem so that I can build in machine which installed arcgis version 10.0 and works good to all other version like 10.2,10.3 with python compiled file ...