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Using Find identical tool does not always allow me to use Shape

Question asked by kuwaitndthl on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by kuwaitndthl

I have a file .GDB with a feature class of topographic survey points. It's projected to Zone 38N. There are 108,278 points. The easting field is called EASTING, northing is NORTHING, elevation field is called PostExcZ and when I use the Add Z Information tool it adds the elevation values from PostExcZ. In the properties of the feature class it is listed as having Z values. Why then, does the Shape checkbox not appear in the list of fields to find duplicates in the Find Identical tool? I just ran this tool on my initial topographic survey feature class (1.4m points) and the Shape checkbox appeared.


Without the Shape checkbox I am not sure what to do to find the duplicates. I selected the EASTING, NORTHING and PostExcZ fields but the resulting duplicates table had the same number of records as the input. This is wrong.