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Using geoprocessing in 64bit or parallel processing from ArcObjects

Question asked by modybsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2016 by modybsystematics-co-il-esridist

I am writing ArcObjects code inside Arcmap addin that executes many gp tools (one after another).

I would like to use the 64bit and the parallel processing.

My understanding is that I need to use the IGeoProcessor2.ExecuteASync but wait for the tool to finish before continue to the next tool

I found this example:


In my case I need the button to wait until the gp is done, this is because I need to run more pure ArcObjects code after each gp tool to check the results and possibly execute different tools.

What I am really looking for is just the IGeoProcessor2.Execute original tool that uses 64bit or parallel processing but works synchronized.


Anybody has done this?