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Specify Output Target Layer in WAB Network Trace widget / GP Tool

Question asked by raynerhoward on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by mmiller-esristaff

Greetings fellow Utilities and Web Appbuilder enthusiasts!


Was hoping someone could give me a hand with this.  I've been trying to get Web AppBuilder 1.2 (Developer) to trace my sanitary sewer geometric network upstream using the Network Trace widget (downloaded a few weeks ago from GitHub).  The first time the trace is performed, it works flawlessly.  Each successive trace however shows sanitary manholes in the middle of Africa (and not Tennessee).  Pretty sure this has to do with not having a Target Layer set up for the Output in the Network Trace Widget configuration:Clipboard01.png


As you can see, there are no choices for Target layer to choose from.  How do I set up this output target layer?  Does it need to be a hosted feature layer in AGOL or Portal for Web AppBuilder to be able to see it?


Following the procedure here:  Configure application - Utility Isolation Trace | ArcGIS for Utilities


Working with the latest Network Trace widget from here (downloaded about 2 weeks ago):  solutions-webappbuilder-widgets/NetworkTrace at master · Esri/solutions-webappbuilder-widgets · GitHub


Running 10.3.1 everywhere (Portal, Server, ArcGIS Desktop)


Not sure if coordinate systems matter, I've tried setting everything in the model to


Spatial Reference:

    • 102736  (2274)

My GP Service URL:  Task: Trace MHs Upstream


I edited the model to work with my geometric network:



Do I also need to specify the location of the output ssManhole_Layer as an AGOL or Portal hosted feature layer?


I sure would appreciate any guidance here.  Does an output target layer even need to be specified?  Can it not just hold the features in memory until the next network trace?  Really more interested in what the results of the upstream trace looks like on the map.