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How can I create a arcpy script/tool to open a file?

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by rastrauch

In my custom toolbar, I have series of steps that need to be processed in order. Between two of these steps, it is necessary to do quite a bit of manual editing (in ArcMap...polygons)....based on some input from staff, and most likely from some paper sources.  I will have a document of some type (.doc, .txt or similar) will some detailed instructions.


Is there a way that I can open a document thru a python/arcpy script and add it to my toolbar?  If I can get the script, I should be able to do the toolbar/addin part, but I haven't figure out how to "open" a readme type file thru a toolbox script/button.


In theory, I would probably not even have any input parameters, and I would hard code the (relative) path to the document.  I've started searching for solutions, but thought I would throw this question out there in case a solution already exists.  I have not written any specific code for this problem yet (i.e., nothing worth sharing).


If I can figure this out, I will use this in several of my addin projects.




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