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Averaging Clustered Point Data?

Question asked by icemannn1989 on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Dan_Patterson

Hey All;


I am attempting to do various geo-spatial point data analysis and have gotten stuck. I have centroid point data of polygons, but the centroid point has no value to auto-correlate in a semi-variogram (Except for long/lat). Long/Lat doesnt help me much because a point density map doesn't tell me much in my situation. I really want to average the "grid_code" value for all of the points in the data ad attach that value to the centroid point data. I have attached multiple screen shots showing what I have. My questions are this:

1). Is there a way to average clustered point data and join the value to an existing centroid point data shapefile?

2). What other useful spatial analysis can be done on point data such as this?


Thank you for your time


- Michael -


Screenshot description:

Poly Data = Polygon shapefile data

Centroid Points = poly data convert into centroid points

All Point = polygon data converted into point data. (Polygons were converted to raster and then used as a mask to extract data from another map to retrieve values).

All Point2 = zoom of all point screen shot

All Point3 = Zoom of all point2 screen shot