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Address Locator is Damaged

Question asked by blakerg on Nov 23, 2015
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I am running ArcGIS 10.3.1 on two different computers.  I have a server set up with data on it, including a few address locators.  On my machine, I can connect to the folder on the server and add any of the address locators and use them without issue.  On the other computer, going through the same workflow, I get an error message that says "Address locator is damaged."  This happens with Esri's Street_Addresses_US locator as well as a couple of different local address locators, created by different entities.


The only difference in these two machines is that mine is on a different image that the other.  I am an administrator on my machine and it is set up without any restrictions.  The other is set up as a public access machine with restricted rights by our IT department.  That is the only difference between the two computers, which leads me to wonder if there is something there that might be interfering with loading the address locators?


Everything I've found online has to deal with using address locators set up in different versions of ArcGIS, but I've got the same version on both computers, and it works fine on one, but not the other.