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Spatial join issue/question

Question asked by pmwarsaw on Nov 18, 2015
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This is my first time posting here, and I am pretty new to using ArcMap, so forgive me if I ramble and/or am unclear. I am currently working on a project investigating home sale prices and their relationship to local amenities, and I have run into an issue when trying to perform a spatial join. Here is what I have/have done so far:


- I have a shapefile containing every parcel of land in the city I am investigating. To this I have joined excel files containing land use information for each parcel, along with the sales price for residential parcels that sold in the year I am considering.


- I created a separate layer only containing those parcels that represent home sales along with their parcel information (size, etc)


- I also downloaded a Census Block shapefile from the TIGER/Line site, and joined basic demographic information to this shapefile.


My current task is trying to join this demographic data to the home sales so that for each home sale I have the parcel information along with demographic data for the neighborhood it is in. Given that I do not have a common attribute to match, my impression is that a spatial join is the best way to accomplish this. I went through the geoprocessing menu, and used the spatial join tool there. It seems to have succeeded (it says that each home transaction has a match), but all of the other fields are either blank or zero. I have tried the following to troubleshoot, and none of it has worked:


- Check that each layer is using the same coordinate system

- Tried the spatial join both ways (switching each layer as the target layer)

- Double checked that are no transactions which are not being matched

- Using the broader shapefile that I originally downloaded as the target file

- Change the merge condition (I've used both "intersect", which generate no missing matches, and "within" which left me with parcels that didn't match)


At this point I am at a loss for how to proceed. I've looked through texts both online and at my library and it isn't clear to me what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.